Community Outreach Ministry

Cedar Lane has several different types of community outreach. The most visible things are the events. For Instance, twice a year we partner with 5 Loaves 4 Kids to host a mobile pantry, which provides food to families with children who are home for the spring and fall breaks. Several times a year we partner with Stan McNabb to provide Free Oil Changes to our neighbors who need a hand getting that critical bit of car maintenance taken care of.  We celebrate Independence Day each year with a community block party here in our own neighborhood, and each fall we host a Hayride and cookout in the neighborhood surrounding the Johnson Lane Park.

Beyond those events, though, we also have a chance to reach out to our neighbors with outreach ministries like our benevolence program, which helps our neighbors meet various needs (like utility bills, rent, or food) each week on Monday morning. Other things come up over time, and we do our best to try hand meet our neighbors in need with a spirit of friendship and hospitality.

We’re also glad to partner with community organizations like the Shepherd’s House, which provides services to families in need of housing. We’re grateful to live in a community where so many organizations reach out to serve the city!


To get more information about our community outreach ministry, you may contact the Church


Phone: 931-455-4665